Optiva Darna

OPTIVA DARNA is a French business, equity management and deal structuring company, including direct investments, cross border transactions and advisory to private equity investors and innovative companies. Its actions in China since more than 3 years have been focused on the development of long-term partnerships with local authorities, innovation and industrial ecosystems, institutional investors and private equity funds. In 2016, it launched in Hangzhou ODZEITI (Optiva Darna Zhejiang Europe Technology Innovation) a first new generation Sino-French investment vehicle dedicated to the acceleration of French innovative companies on the Chinese market with a Sino French Co-IP and Co-development Strategy.

In 2017, OPTIVA DARNA launched the French Dream Town Innovative Accelerator in the Alibaba district, creating four Sino-French structures:

Gold TruffleGold Truffle Engineering is a Chinese limited company financed by OdZeiti, co-directed by her president Fadwa SUBE and his CEO Frédéric LASSALE.
Located in Dream Town Hangzhou, PRC this Chinese based start-up is in charge of the deployment on site of a «territorially based » scalable platform offering optimized and adapted solutions for cities: the « French City Brain ».

Its two first achievements:

French City BrainFrench City Brain, an IoT/AI/Cloud platform integrating many technological bricks developed by more than 15 French companies. New energy production methods (photovoltaic, biogas), energy storage (batteries, flywheels, hydrogen), shared eco-mobility and air quality management are all technologies implemented in the heart of the French City Brain. For the first time ever, the use of high-performance sensors combined with the power of Wi-mesh and the development of a green blockchain allows a unique and real-time management of the interoperability of raw data. Artificial Intelligence in the Cloud is becoming more collaborative.

French Dream TownFrench Dream Town, is the first achievement of the Franco-Chinese initiative” French Dream Town Innovative Accelerator “, a flagship concept of the French expertise where technological innovations (3D printing for buildings by X-TREE, virtual and augmented reality) combined with the architectural creativity of XTU-ARCHITECTES bring added value and sustainability to a new generation of real estate.

Futuris EnvironmentFuturis Environment is a new technology company, dedicated to support companies and government authorities in their mission to preserve the environment and quality of life. From hyperlocal air quality monitoring to the environmental forecasts, Futuris Environment help to create new business opportunities thanks to Greentech, in the industrial field as well as for SmartCities.

In partnership with the largest French and European laboratories, Futuris Environment provides Experts and Specialists for industrial risk assessment, environmental monitoring, modelling and forecasting models, as well as the creation and exploitation of emission inventories, and also develops software and hardware solutions using these latest technologies.

Futuris Environment is also at the origin of the initiative “Hyperlocal real time Air Quality Management system (HYLOAQM)”, currently being tested in China.

L’Ecole Multimédia Hangzhou is a platform for exchanges, education and training as well on Virtual Reality as new digitals tools.

Guy Martin Consulting Hangzhou offers a new Sino-French gastronomic experience by combining the famous know-how of the starred chef Guy Martin with the French way of life.